Benefits & Sign-Up

How to Join?

  1. You must be the proud owner of a car with 500+ hp. (No trucks allowed).
  2. Fill out the form to the right.
  3. Pay a yearly fee of $100 to enjoy the numerous benefits listed below.
  4. Be as crazy as we are about cars and anything related to them.


Why Join?

Members of the Car Club 500 enjoy generous partner discounts, opportunities to showcase and admire 500+ hp automobiles and most importantly a strong community of car enthusiasts. Below are some of the many reasons why joining our club is beneficial.

Partner Discounts

CC500 has already established important partnerships with businesses ranging from car tuners and automotive repair shops to car washes and auto spas. We will continue to expand our network of partners and secure significant discounts for services we all want to use for our special cars.

Discounted Video Showcase

As a member, you will have the opportunity to showcase your car on this website and on social media outlets (FB, YouTube). For a discounted fee, we can have our expert film crew and car specialists shoot a professional grade video-showcase of your car, accompanied by an informative article, sharing what you love most about it.

Community and Events

CC500 will be organizing frequent events of different types, such as casual social meetups, car showcase events, track days, auto clinics, trips and other engaging and fun types of events. We want to bring together car enthusiasts and build friendships while enjoying our common interest for cars.

Car Modification Resources

When you join CC500 you will have access to a growing network of experts that can share with you valuable information regarding parts and modification services for your car. We know that car modifications are expensive and tricky. Through our network you will make informed decisions about what is best for your car type and model.


Being part of our community will strengthen your love and enthusiasm for cars. Together we will expand our knowledge, discover new and exciting ways to enjoy our passion and attract like minded individuals.